Welcome to Red Lotus Travel

  Welcome to Red Lotus Travel Company. 
“In the pond, nothing is more beautiful than a lotus, the flower of the dawn.”

We chose the lotus flower as a symbol for our company because of the strong affinity that the Vietnamese people have had with it since antiquity. Graceful and elegant, they not only provide a habitat for fish and insects, helping to keep the water calm, they also reflect so much that tourists find attractive about the culture and people of Vietnam.

Known as the ‘flower of the dawn’ and found throughout the country’s lakes and ponds, the elegant lotus flower symbolise serenity and purity of heart and mind. They also symbolises commitment and a faith in the future, closing at night and sinking gracefully underwater before emerging pure and unblemished again at dawn. They also reflect the endurance of the Vietnamese people, surviving in the harshest of conditions, standing up proudly to reveal their beauty and wonderful perfume.

This is our philosophy at Red Lotus Travel. We chose the red lotus to show our passion for tourism and our commitment to providing a professional service and innovative tours that are tailored to each traveller’s needs. We are passionate about tourism in Vietnam and want to provide the best experience for our guests. Our staff is reliable, experienced and enthusiastic. They have an excellent understanding of the local cultures and lifestyles within Vietnam and neighbouring Indochinese countries.

We are not only a tourist company, but would also like to become your good friends, your warm-hearted relatives in Vietnam, welcoming you, with a wide smile and a firm handshake. Please, contact us right now for the best experience of your life!